Languages of the Philippines


Philippine Alphabet Two kinds of ancient Filipino writing with approximate English equivalents 

About 87 different languages and dialects are spoken in the Philippines. The ten main ones are:

  1. Tagalog, spoken in Batangas, Manila, Mindoro, and most of Luzon;
  2. Sugbuhanon, in Cebu, and parts of Mindanao;
  3. Hiligaynon, in Negros Occidental and Iloilo;
  4. Samarnon, in Samar and Leyte;
  5. Bikol, in Camarines North and South;
  6. Pampangan, in Pampanga and Tarlac;
  7. Ilocano, in La Union and Ilocos;
  8. Maguindanao, in Cotabato;
  9. Maranao, in Lanao; and
  10. Tausug, spoken in Jolo, parts of Zamboanga City, Basilan, other parts of Mindanao, and the Sulu Archipelago.

The languages are basically of Austronesian or Malay-Polynesian origin, but many have assimilated words from Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and English. All these influences can be seen in many words of the Tagalog language. Nowadays, Filipinos use Taglish which is a mix of Tagalog and…

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