Sipa – A Traditional, Native Philippine Sport

Here is a fun way to expend your energy!


While everyone is thinking about the Super Bowl today, let me introduce you to a traditional, native Philippine sport. It’s not basketball which most Filipinos consider the national sport since it is played every day across the country, on the streets, in gyms, at schools and everywhere else in the Philippines.

The sport “Sipa” which literally means kick or to kick is a home-grown national sport. Historically, Sipa is considered the Philippine national and traditional native sport which predates the Spanish rule going back to the 15th century. Both boys and girls play this sport. A single person can play sipa by himself or herself but there are moves to standardize the game with rules and teams.

In formal games, a rattan ball is used, but when Filipino kids play at home or in schools they use either a big bunch of rubber bands knotted together or a small…

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