American Rose Society and San Diego Rose Society honor our veterans

What a great tribute to the Fallen Heroes!

Rose Gardening World

The American Rose Society just had their National Convention and Rose Show in San Diego and with plenty of roses after the convention, the San Diego Rose Society who was host to the convention did a wonderful job to pay tribute to our veterans by decorating their graves with roses, our national floral emblem. Thank you Mary Shanley and Christine Epstein for your splendid work. They are beautiful!

San Diego Convention 2018 3

I saw this on Facebook posted by the newly elected American Rose Society President, Robert Martin.

What happened to the leftover roses from our ARS convention? They became “Flowers for the Fallen at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery. Committee Members Mary Shanley and Christine Epstein took the roses from the tear down and decorated over 150 gravesites with over 300 beautiful, homegrown roses. They also gave some roses to folks who were there that day burying their loved ones.

San Diego Convention 2018 2The area decorated was…

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