An 11th Airborne Division Association – “Angels” New Year’s Miracle

I saw this article on my Facebook feed from the 11th Airborne Division Association – “Angels” and I’m happy to share it with the fans of WWII history. Great story and a New Year’s Miracle indeed!

I was recently contacted by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the 11th Airborne Division who told me of an 11th Airborne ring that had been found by a metal detectorist at Delray Beach in Florida.

Looking through our records, I found that Alan Jack Saltzman served in Company A, 127th Airborne Engineers during World War II. I also found one article indicating that Jack may have provided vocals for the 11th Airborne Division Band, but I am still looking into that.

Trooper Saltzman died in 2010 of cancer and left his 11th AB ring to his son who was wearing it on the beach on December 31, 2022. While cleaning up their chairs, Jack’s son noticed that the ring was missing and was crushed to lose such a treasured heirloom.

The next day, Leonard Epstein was out with his metal detector and came upon the ring. He quickly contacted the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska who reached out to me and I was able to find Jack Saltzman’s last known contact information. Len cold called the number and Trooper Saltzman’s son nearly broke down in tears to hear that his father’s ring had been found and that Len was mailing it back to him. Miracles do happen and what a great way to kick off 2023.

Happy New Year’s, Angels!


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An 11th Airborne Division Association – “Angels” New Year’s Miracle: