Sixth Report on My 12-week Challenge

Here is my sixth report for my twelve weeks challenge:

1. My book to read goal is still on target. I’m half way on the book I’m reading – Leadership by Rudolf Giuliani. I still have to read 5 more books in 6 weeks to make my reading goal for my 12-week challenge.

2. I’m short of 4 items on my marketing goal this week – 66 marketing posts/pitches but most of my posts can reach a big audience so I’m happy with those. I did book signing to a small group of gardeners.  I placed an ad geared to libraries and bookstores which should reach a big audience. Giveaways post on Goodreads have 13 requests this week, 6 on “to read” list this week. My emails go to acquaintances nationwide so that will give me some tractions too. The marketing goal can get harder as we go along because I’m running out of ideas. I better stay focused.

·       1 book signing  

·       1 Ad

·       4 personal pitches

·       2 personal giveaways

·       3 posts on Social Media.

·       1 Giveaways post on Goodreads   

·       54 emails.

3. I finally caught up with my word count challenge. I’m at 30,349 words.  


See you next week.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda, The Rose Lady


Author of The Wentworth Legacy


Fifth Report of My 12-Week Challenge

Here is my fifth report for my twelve weeks challenge:


  1. My book to read goal is still on target. I finished Angels & Demons by Dan Brown on 9/8/16. I now have to read 5 more books in 7 weeks to make my reading goal for my 12-week challenge.
  2. I made my marketing goal this week – 73 marketing posts/pitches:
  • 3 posts on Social Media. One of them has 191 members. The Giveaways post on Goodreads have 254 entries total, 43 entries this week alone. It have 94 on “to read” list so far.
  • 70 emails and letters to friends.
  1. I’m still way behind my word count challenge. I’m only up to 21,740 words. This week, I’m supposed to be on 25,000 level. I have to double my effort next week.


See you next week.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda, The Rose Lady

Author of The Wentworth Legacy


Third Report for my 12-week Challenge

Here is my third report for my twelve weeks challenge:

1. I made it to 13,625 words to date. I did not make my goal to 15,000 words but I was doing two newsletters that have to go out early next week so I was still writing. I’ll catch up as soon as these newsletters are out of my way.

2. My book to read goal is on target. I finished the book from last week. I started another one and finished it so I finished two books this week. I still have to finish 7 books in 9 weeks. That is very doable. My Goodreads goal is on track for the year. I aim to read 30 books this year.

3. I did not made my goal this week for marketing my book. Or did I? I made 22 marketing posts/pitches.  12 posts on Social Media and 10 press releases to friends. From four social media where I posted, I got 470 views. So I’m happy with that.

See you next week.

 The next report is on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda, The Rose Lady

Twelve – Week Challenge


Now that my novel, “The Wentworth Legacy” is done and ready for publication, what’s next? Starting today, Aug. 7, I challenge myself to do the following.

1. Write 60,000 words for twelve weeks, averaging 5,000 per week towards my next book. Is this doable, with all that is going on in my life being an editor of two newsletters and a caretaker of my husband who is on home dialysis? I think I can. I know I can.

2. Read 10 books during the twelve-week period towards my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge. My goal this year is 30 books. I have read 16 books so far so I have 14 to go to finish the year. If I finish 10 books for the next 12 weeks, I can read 2 books each month for November and December to finish my 2016 reading goal. Can I do it? I think I can. I know I can.

3. Do daily marketing of my newly published book, “The Wentworth Legacy” to a least ten people/places a day. That’s means 70 people/places for the week. If you are reading this, please spread the word about my book. Thank you. I do appreciate it very much. Marketing is a necessary thing if you want people to know your book exist. Can I do it? I think I can. I know I can.

I will account for things done every Saturday. The first report is on next Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016.

I’m ready for the big challenge. Off I go . . .

30 Tips on Becoming a Better Writer

Without knowing it, I started my writing career when I used to write little stories for myself and put them away in a folder. Then the big break came when I was asked to be an editor of a gardening newsletter in 2000. I started to write for publication. People enjoyed reading my articles and I started getting awards. That gave me confidence and I started to think I could write a novel which I really wanted to do for a long time. When I moved south in 2011, I had more free time so I started writing in earnest and reading voraciously. I had plenty of ideas for my stories having lived in a third world country and then in New York and now in South Carolina and have seen the lives of people on both sides of the track. I haven’t won the Pulitzer yet but who cares. Not many new writers have but I’m happy to share my stories to readers who enjoy interesting books and learn something from reading them. So I began my journey.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way to become a better writer:

  1. First thing, you should do to be a better writer is to get a good dictionary.
  2. Second to a good dictionary, you should get a thesaurus.
  3. Read the work of good writers especially those on the genre you are working in or plan to work in.
  4. Find and establish a place to write comfortably and productively.
  5. Develop a good working habit and write every day.
  6. Write what you enjoy reading.
  7. Get inspiration from around you.
  8. Do your research.
  9. Use your imagination and let yourself fantasize.
  10. Stop procrastinating and write that first sentence already.
  11. Use Standard American English.
  12. Write your book for your audience.
  13. Begin a Writer’s Notebook.
  14. Set realistic writing goals.
  15. Familiarize yourself with general writing terms.
  16. Be Consistent.
  17. Where to begin – write one page at a time.
  18. Have a memorable title.
  19. Have an attention-grabbing book cover.
  20. Watch the chronology.
  21. Use flashbacks.
  22. Back up your novel as you go along.
  23. Finish the first draft and put it away for a while.
  24. After putting some distance away for a while, you’re now ready to reread it but read it slowly and absorb everything you read.
  25. Revise or rewrite your manuscript.
  26. Edit and proofread; Get critical feedback from someone you trust.
  27. Publish your manuscript.
  28. Be thankful.
  29. Research potential markets for your work.
  30. Think and act like a pro. Build your writing career and continue to grow as a writer.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.


Rosalinda, The Rose Lady

Author and Garden Writer

The Wentworth Legacy

The Iron Butterfly

BAHALA NA (Come What May)


Would You Still Write A Story – Even If You Knew It Would Never Be Read by A Single Person?

I saw this question at LinkedIn.

First of all, that is the most negative thing I have heard a writer say. If you are a good writer and you have an interesting thing to say, someone out there will read your writings. If you are a writer which you claim to be, you write. That is your job. You keep on writing. That’s why you are called a writer. You write.

To be able to attract readers, you have to be a good writer. You have to learn your craft and educate yourself continuously. You have to write every day. The more you write, the better your writing will be. Practice makes perfect. It is a good axiom for anything you do in life.

You have to write and read too. They go hand in hand. Reading will make you a better writer. You learn from other writers as you read. You can never be a good writer if you are not a reader. I don’t believe a writer who said he/she does not read. How can you improve your writing if you don’t read? Reading stimulates your mind and improves your writing ability.

I will write every day and expect someone will read my articles and my books. My author’s credo is to inspire, motivate, educate and stimulate your mind. For that reason, someone will take note of what I write and read them.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.




Today is International Women’s Day

Salute to all the women on International Women’s Day!

Today, I want to honor my grandmother for her courage and daring ambition to be the best she could be given the circumstance she was in at that time.  She was the inspiration for my latest book, “The Iron Butterfly”. She was a feminist before the word came into being. She proved that with hard work and unshakable faith in herself, she could break the business barrier when her husband died and left her penniless with nine young children to support, ranging from 2 years old to 18 years old. She managed to bring them all up by herself and still succeeded in the business world .

“The Iron Butterfly”  was my grandmother’s life story – how as a single mother, she managed to survive amidst all difficulties and became very successful in the 1930s without compromising her ideals of a gracious and gentle woman in a male-dominated business world when men ruled everything. 

For more of her life, read “The Iron Butterfly” available at

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Do you need to be inspired? When you are down and out, you need some inspiration. What could be better than Regina, a single mother determined to support her nine children amidst all odds and did it alone. She was a maverick in a business world dominated by men.

Here is your chance to read “The Iron Butterfly”, an inspiring book of faith, hope and daring ambition at a discounted price. Price goes up to original price on Oct. 13, 2015.

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The Iron Butterfly is a gripping tale about the intense devotion and ordeal of Regina Buendia, a young mother who suddenly finds herself all alone and penniless with nine young children to support after her husband died in the pre-WWII era. Facing a bleak future, she has to find a way to tackle a male chauvinistic society where men still rule the business world. Will she be able to break through the barrier?

As the Great Depression affected the colonies, she is now faced with new concern – how to survive with business suffering and money being so tight.  

Just as she thinks she is getting ahead, a major natural disaster happens with terrible consequence to follow. Then her problems become insignificant compared to what was about to happen – the attack on Pearl Harbor and how the war in the Pacific affects their very existence.

Do you consider your life boring?


I know some people who constantly complain. It’s because they are bored. Their mind and their body are idle. What is there to do but complain? Don’t you get tired listening to them? Day in and day out, they have something to complain about. Don’t you want to tell them to stop and get a life. Enough already.

These people have no interest in other activities. Aside from work, what do they do? Nothing. They get up in the morning, get ready for work and after work, they said they are too exhausted to do anything.

When they retire, they have no interest in anything and life becomes too boring for them. They should try to get involved in other activities while they are still working so when they retire, something will fill up their time.

Gardening is one of the best activities to try your hands on. It is also inexpensive, cheaper than going to the gym and more health benefits to you and if you plant fruits and vegetables, you get the benefits of tasting the best food there is. Another health benefit is you get a free exercise without knowing it. You don’t even have to spend money on gas to go to the gym and you can do it anytime when you are home. Yes, you can learn how to garden. There is no such thing as black thumb.

I used to work long hours and still have time to putter around in the garden. It is the most relaxing experience you can do. Instead of going to the gym, I used to garden in the morning before I went to work and then again when I came home from work. 

There is something in gardening that soothes your well-being. You use all your muscle while digging, weeding, reaching for errant weeds, carrying all the soil and compost. Just looking at those pretty flowers seem to clear your mind of those cobwebs and beautify your landscape in the process.

So learn how to garden and keep busy. It’s the best exercise around. Your blood will start circulating, your mind will start to get active again and you get fresh air outdoors. Soon your whole outlook in life will change into positive thinking and you will stop getting bored.


The Iron Butterfly

BAHALA NA (Come What May)


Knowing my background, people asked me, “Why do you write?”

Writing is not like the other jobs I had before. My background is accounting. I went to college to be an accountant and became a CPA before my 21st birthday. Although I wanted to take journalism in college, my father needed an accountant in the family and so I was told to study accounting. I had no choice. I worked as an accountant for 32 years, becoming a Controller at the end. When I retired at 55, I was bored for a while and so I decided to get a real estate license and sell houses. That lasted for 11 years until we moved to Charleston.

My retirement in Charleston gave me plenty of time to catch up on my reading and writing. Before retirement, I had no time to read or do anything for myself. I was too busy with my job, working 70-hour week. I could’ve gone back to real estate but I didn’t want to deal with those demanding customers anymore. Money was great being an accountant or selling real estate but I wanted to move on. Besides I didn’t want to be a driver anymore, showing houses at all kinds of hours and days. I wanted my weekend off. Besides I have gotten more satisfaction writing than dealing with homebuyers who could not make up their minds. I rather deal with my protagonists and see what my story leads me. I enjoy writing, be it a novel or gardening articles.

I dug up an old manuscript I wrote years ago and started rewriting it. I read books about writing, subscribe to Writers’ Digest and read it cover to cover. I pay attention to the details of books I read. I look at the internet and read articles on writing. I want to know how books become bestsellers. I discovered that unless you’re a celebrity, it’s a long road to becoming a bestseller. But that does not discourage me one bit. I know there are obstacles along the way and the stigma attached to self-publishing. Yes, I sent my manuscript to 4 agents and got 2 rejection letters and 2 non-replies. I decided to self-publish after that. I don’t have time to wait to get traditionally published. I have so much to write. If I was younger, maybe I would.

I have experienced a lot of things in my life which I can write about. I have lived on places with different cultures, have met people from both sides of the railroad tracks so to say, have seen first-hand how people live in a third world countries and the upper class of New York. There are so many things to write about, people to create, their personality, their challenges and triumphs. Eventually readers will discover that I have some great stories to tell.

Writing can be the easier part of being a writer. Publishing your book is another matter. You have to consider writing as a business. However, as a former accountant, I have a grasp of how business works. Writing is not just a creative endeavor. Your book is a product and if writing is a business, you have to sell your product. You have to market it and market yourself constantly. That is the hard part. But money should not be your main objective. Having fun writing should be and money will eventually follow. For me, I write to educate, inspire and stimulate the minds of my readers. Money is a welcome bonus.