Another year has gone by. Out with the old and in with the new. Tonight we are celebrating the New Year and what a better time to pop the cork and drink champagne or sparkling wine for that matter. Before we run to the store, you might want to know the label lingo to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

How sweet is it?

Ultra Brut (or brut nature, or brut zero): Absolutely bone dry, for those who resist even a little sweetness.

Extra Brut: Still reliably dry.

Brut: The most common designation; denotes a quite dry sparkling wine.

Extra Dry: Confusingly, these wines are sweeter than those labeled brut.

Sec: The word means “dry” in French, but these bottles are even sweeter than those labeled extra dry.

Demi-sec: Sweeter still.

Doux: The sweetest sparkling option.


Where is it from?

Champagne: Sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France tend to be among the driest.

Crémant: Sparkling wines made in other parts of France: these are also reliably dry.

Cava: Spanish sparkling wine, typically dry and smoky.

Prosecco: The most common sparkling wine from Italy, made in the Veneto region. Often sweeter than cava, Champagnes, and crémants.

California sparkling wine: Typically sweetish and approachable.


Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Until next time, stop and smell the roses.

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