An Awful Day for Whitney Lake Residents

Whitney Lake is a close-knit community and we are always looking after each other. So when the news came out of a missing girl from one of our streets, the whole neighborhood was all out in full force searching everywhere. Together with the police force and the fire department, the residents of Whitney Lake were out there looking for her. You can hardly get through our streets with all the police cars, the fire department personnel and the residents all out there helping out.The helicopter was buzzing overhead with searchlights. A police boat with divers are ready to go in the lake. 

Below is the article from Post and Courier. If you have any information please call the Charleston Police – 843-743-7200. Please say a prayer for the little girl and the family.

Charleston authorities searching for missing 4-year-old girl, asking for public’s help

Heidi Renae Todd
Heidi Renae Todd. Charleston Police Department/Provided Charleston Police Department
Authorities in Charleston are searching for a child that was reported missing Tuesday night.

Four-year-old Heidi Renae Todd was reported missing at 5:50 p.m., according to the Charleston Police Department. Officers, firefighters, Charleston County Rescue Squad and the Coast Guard were searching the area of 2985 Sweetleaf Lane late Tuesday.

The search area is located on Johns Island north of Maybank Highway.

“Investigators are trying to determine how long she has been missing,” police said.

Anyone with information on Heidi’s whereabouts can call 843-743-7200 and ask for the on-duty Charleston Police Department central detective.



5 thoughts on “An Awful Day for Whitney Lake Residents

    1. I checked our WL Residents facebook page and nothing there. This morning at about quarter to 3 AM, Skipper was barking crazily. I did not even hear the bell ring. A couple of police detectives came by. I’m on the board of WL and the contact with Charleston Police for Crime Prevention. They really had nothing so far. They just reiterated to keep them inform of suspicious activities.
      Apparently the house was broken in while the mother took the older kids to school. When she came back, she was beaten by the intruder. The older kids were not picked up from school so the school called the neighbor who checked the house. Then they found out one kid was missing. She could be out there since God knows when. Then they called the police. Then the whole WL neighborhood found out and all hell broke loose. Around 6 PM.

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  1. Thank you GP. WL is swarmed with police today. We are doing prayer vigil tonight. There are five government agencies working here now with the command center in one of the new model homes. FBI is offering $10,000 rewards for info. It’s trending on twitter. So heartbreaking!

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